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Road Work - Scheduled - 3 Left Lanes (of 4 Lanes) Blocked
Broward on I-75 Northbound, Before Exit 15: Royal Palm/Arvida Pkwy
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Reported: 2/20/2017 10:59:10 PM - Last Modified: 2/21/2017 2:37:12 AM
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SMART SunGuide Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC)

The FDOT District Four SMART SunGuide Regional Transportation Management Center (TMC) is a nationally recognized leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). SMART SunGuide operates 24/7 in Broward County as the communication hub for traffic information along I-95, I-75, and I-595 (monitored and maintained by I-595 Express, LLC) in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties. RTMC Operators coordinate with the Road Rangers,  Road Watchers, Florida Highway Patrol and other RTMC partners (i.e., FDOT District Six TMC, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise TMC, and I-595 Express, LLC TMC), to determine incident and congestion locations. Real-time traffic information is then made available to the public through Dynamic Message Signs, Highway Advisory Radio, the SMART SunGuide website, and Florida’s 511 Traveler System.

Mission: To continuously provide outstanding ITS products and services to our internal and external customers.
Vision: To be the best ITS program, by maximizing roadway efficiency, using technology, innovation, and continuous improvement.

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SMART SunGuide RTMC Operations


ITS is the application of computers, electronics, communications, and other technologies in managing transportation systems more efficiently. All the technology in the world will do nothing to effectively manage traffic without the people who operate it.

The Broward SMART SunGuide Regional RTMC is at the center of FDOT District Four's Intelligent Transportation System. Collocated with Broward County Traffic Engineering Division and I-595 Express, LLC, the center is a model for inter-agency, multi-modal transportation management.

RTMC Operators are always on the look-out, ready to respond to events along our roadways. There are three steps that RTMC Operators must take to manage every incident.

Step 1: Information Collection

Whether it is turning a camera getting information from the Road Rangers, Florida Highway Patrol, the Road Watchers, or media, TMC Operators are always watching for changes along the roadway in order to detect incidents.

Step 2: Verification and Analysis

Once an event is verified, the details are entered into SunGuide, a traffic management software. These details are analyzed to determine the degree of disruption on the roadway and the potential impact on traffic so that response plans can be initiated; all in a matter of moments.

Step 3: Dissemination

The information is communicated to the public using Dynamic Message Signs, Highway Advisory Radio, the SMART SunGuide website, and Florida’s 511 Traveler Information

TMC Operators notify the proper authorities when needed. During events with a regional impact, neighboring centers including FDOT District Six TMC, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise TMC, and I-595 Express, LLC TMC are contacted to coordinate a regional response.

SMART SunGuide ITS Equipment


The SMART SunGuide TMCs use ITS technologies, computer software and telecommunications to help improve traffic flow and reduce congestion major roadways throughout District Four.

These ITS devices and software are also used to assist Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) with AMBER, Silver and LEO Alert activities as well as neighboring TMCs, police and other partners with incident management events. Below are devices currently used in District Four.

Permanent ITS devices are now operational in Broward, Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast counties (Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River). Previously, Palm Beach solely utilized mobile devices due to ongoing roadway construction and the Treasure Coast had none. The dependability of the permanent devices, which completed construction in 2012 is projected to be as consistent as the ITS devices in Broward have been throughout the years.


Closed Circuit Television Cameras

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras are used for real-time monitoring and incident detection directly from the SMART SunGuide RTMCs. The cameras are placed approximately every mile along I-95, I-75, and I-595 (monitored and maintained by I-595 Express, LLC). Cameras are available to the public through the SMART SunGuide website as well as on Florida’s 511 Traveler Information website.

Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) are located on the highway as well as many arterial roads leading to the highway. The signs display messages to motorists regarding lane blockages, travel times, construction information, and AMBER, Silver and LEO Alerts.

Highway Advisory Radio

Highway Advisory Radio is a local radio station (1660 AM) that provides traffic information. Motorists can tune in to find out about lane blockages, travel times, construction information, and AMBER, Silver and LEO Alerts.

SunGuide Software

SunGuide Software is used in all of the TMCs in Florida. It allows TMC Operators to control ITS devices as well as capture and distribute incident data. TMC management regularly runs performance measure reports from SunGuide, which are posted on the SMART SunGuide website (click here to view performance measure reports).

Vehicle Detection System

A Vehicle Detection System is made up of roadside detectors placed approximately every half mile I-95, I-75, and I-595 (monitored and maintained by I-595 Express, LLC). The detectors capture traffic data, such as speed, volume and occupancy. The information collected is not used for enforcement purposes but to alert RTMC Operators of abnormal traffic flows due to incidents.

511 Traveler Information

The 511 Traveler Information system collects traffic information from TMCs around the state of Florida.The information is organized and presented to the public online and via phone. For more information on the 511 system, visit



During the mid-1990's, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) commenced a program to deploy a freeway management system within Southeast Florida. These systems include Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Closed circuit Television (CCTV) cameras, vehicle detectors and fiber optic communications to manage traffic incidents and congestion more efficiently.

During the late-1990s, FDOT developed a master plan for a new Transportation Management Center (TMC) to monitor and control the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure being deployed in the field. The SMART SunGuide TMC in Broward was conceived as a facility that would enable the primary transportation partners to manage the surface transportation system from a common facility.

In January 1996, the United States Department of Transportation announced a National Goal for Deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) known as "Operation Timesaver." The goal was to complete the development of ITS infrastructures, including Transportation Management Centers (TMC), across the nation, by the year 2005.

Since 1996, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has taken a leadership role in the deployment of ITS infrastructures throughout the state, including regional TMCs in major metropolitan areas. Meanwhile, design and construction of the ITS field devices (i.e., DMS, CCTV cameras, traffic detection, fiber optic communications) along the freeway and arterial system will continue during the next several years.

In 1997, FDOT District Four received an ITS Early Deployment Study grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to prepare a master plan for a new transportation management center to be located within Broward County. The SMART SunGuide TMC was designed and built during a 4-year period, 2000-2004. The SMART SunGuide TMC officially moved in to begin full operation on September 20, 2004.



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