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Road Work - Scheduled - 3 Left Lanes (of 4 Lanes) Blocked
Broward on I-75 Northbound, Before Exit 15: Royal Palm/Arvida Pkwy
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The SMART SunGuide team has taken part in a variety of transportation tradeshows, many of them specifically covering intelligent transportation systems. The team has participated in the shows in a variety of ways including presenting, hosting a booth, and leading demonstrations and tours. Please contact us if you are interested in having a member of the team participate in your upcoming conference or seminar, or if you would like to coordinate a TMC tour as part of your event.
Past events include:
2008 FTOC
2007 Intertraffic
2007 ITSA
2006 Transpo
2006 ITSA
2005 ITSA

2008 Freeway and Tollway Operations


Group picture at FTOC 2008
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 15 – 18, 2007

The 2008 Freeway and Tollway Operations Conference (FTOC) brought together two leading organizations: the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Freeway Operations Committee and International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA). The Host Committee was comprised of staff from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Four and the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

Nearly 400 transportation professionals from around the world came together to discuss the latest issues in freeway and tollway operations. The program for the conference was packed with activities, including three technical tours, a Rapid Incident Scene Clearance (RISC) incident management demonstration, and an exhibit hall with over 25 displays.

Over 120 speakers participated in speaking sessions (in five different tracks), panel discussions and poster sessions. Scheduled keynote speakers included Richard Burleson, U.S. Army (retired), General Barry McCaffrey, U.S. Army (retired), Scott F. Belcher, President and CEO of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America and Greg Krueger, the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Program Manager for the statewide Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program.

Partnership played a role in every facet of the conference and was also an outcome as the TRB and IBTTA signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on future initiatives.

2007 Intertraffic North America

FDOT District 4 booth at Intertraffic North America 2007

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
October 10 – 12, 2007

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Four had major outreach and educational activities in conjunction with the Intertraffic North America Conference, held October 10-12, 2007, at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale.

One of the highlights of Intertraffic was the live incident management demonstration of “quick clearance” techniques used on Florida’s freeway system, coordinated by the Broward County Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Team. Over 200 people came out to witness the demonstration, including local media. Intertraffic attendees observed incident clearance procedures practiced every day along the highway; Road Rangers removing accident vehicles from travel lanes, FDOT's Severe Incident Response Vehicle (SIRV) managing fluid spills, and single wrecker quick-clearance of an overturned commercial vehicle.

FDOT District Four also hosted a booth that displayed the many aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). It showcased Transportation Management Center operations, the TIM Team, Road Ranger Service Patrol and SIRV. In addition to participating in speaking sessions, FDOT welcomed Intertraffic attendees to take part in coordinated tours of the SMART SunGuide TMC.

2007 ITSA Annual Meeting and Exposition

FDOT District 4 booth at ITSA 2007

Palm Springs, California
June 4 – 6, 2007
The Intelligent Transportation Society of America Annual meeting was held June 4 - 6, 2007, in Palm Springs, California. The FDOT booth was coordinated and hosted by the District Four TMC and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise staff. The booth displayed information about the FDOT ITS programs and live traffic video played over several mounted televisions. Staff was available to distribute collateral and answer questions about programs. As a fun activity for conference attendees, “Traffic Idol,” a mock traffic reporter activity, was run at the booth. Those who participated read cue cards with traffic information while being video taped in front of a TMC display. The District Four nomination of the Severe Incident Response Vehicle (SIRV) Program for the Best of ITS Award, “Best New Product, Service or Application” made the short list. Although it did not win the award, ITSA attendees were educated on what SIRV does for FDOT District Four.

2006 Transpo

FDOT District 4 booth at Transpo 2006

Palm Harbor, Florida
November 27 – 29, 2006
The FDOT District Four team set up a small but impressive booth at Transpo, a conference that drew about 450 attendees in 2006. The booth featured live data and demonstrated software used at the Broward Transportation Management Center. As part of the conference, ITS Florida presented annual awards. District Four was recognized for their effort in tracking and automating ITS Performance Measures.

2006 ITSA Annual Meeting and Exposition


Multi-agency pentagon booth at ITSA 2006

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 7 – 9, 2006

FDOT coordinated a successful partnership of public and private agencies to highlight Florida’s achievements at ITS America’s 15th Annual Meeting and Exposition, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The event began on May 7th and concluded on May 9th. Florida was well represented in the exhibition hall and had one of the largest booths to showcase Florida’s ITS deployments. The combined efforts of the FDOT District Four (D4), District Six (D6), and Central Office, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, ITS Florida, TEAMFL, and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) brought the first live demonstration of center-to-center communications to ITS America’s Annual Meeting and Exposition.

A team of transportation management center (TMC) staff members from FDOT D4 SMART SunGuide and Palm Beach Interim Traffic Management System (ITMS) TMCs, D6 Miami-Dade SunGuide TMC, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise TMC, and MDX developed a "pentagon pavilion" representing a TMC in southeast Florida. Each TMC desk position had live access to real closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in Florida, plus the TMC software, and direct communication with 24x7 TMC staff back in the actual TMCs. Over 3,500 conference attendees were able to see the live activity at the Florida ITS booth—front and center at the main exhibit floor entrance. An operator from each TMC actively monitored conditions along the freeway and toll road systems between West Palm Beach and Miami.

On Monday afternoon, the live events in southern Florida captured the crowd's attention. Dynamic message signs (DMSs) were activated for the brush fires that closed I-95 in central Florida. Then a multi-vehicle crash tied up traffic on I-95 in West Palm Beach. All eyes then shifted to Fort Lauderdale where two separate crashes blocked travel lanes on I-95 north approaching I-595. A third wreck (called a "secondary incident") occurred in the traffic queue. To add to the drama, Air Force One's landing was delayed due to the accident on I-95 near the Fort Lauderdale International Airport runway approach.

Conference attendees were treated to many elements of TMC operations and incident management:

  • Operators moved CCTVs to monitor conditions and lane closures
  • Minute-by-minute incident details were tracked on the SMART SunGuide database
  • The free Road Rangers service patrol cleared a secondary accident
  • Electronic messages were monitored on SunGuide software and live CCTV
  • Traffic delays were tracked with MIST® software and then provided on the 511 advanced traveler information system telephone and Web site
  • The Broward County Severe Incident Response Vehicle (SIRV) responded to assist at the incident scenes

The support of the public/private partnerships was also a win for the Florida ITS booth. Thanks to the following companies for their support: Transcore, DMJM Harris|AECOM, PB Farradyne, Miller Electric, Daktronics, Fortran, HNTB, Jacobs Engineering, MG2, RuggedCom, SIM, Sunshine Towing, Vanus, and VBrick.

Awards are also a part of the ITSA Annual Meeting and Exposition. FDOT District Four was extremely honored to receive ITS America’s Best of ITS Award for 2006 for its ITS Public Outreach Program, designed to proactively communicate and promote the TMC’s services with its internal and external customers. According to ITS America, the Best of ITS Awards is the only program in the world that recognizes the best and brightest of the intelligent transportation community.

2005 ITSA Annual Meeting and Exposition

FDOT District 4 and Florida's Turnpike Enterprise booth at ITSA 2005

Phoenix, Arizona
May 2 – 4, 2005

The 2005 ITSA Annual Meeting and Exposition was the first major conference where the District Four ITS Program hosted a booth. The booth was shared with the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise team. The major component of the exhibit was an interactive kiosk with a Dynamic Message Sign, a CCTV camera, a Microwave Vehicle Detector and plasma TV monitor all attached to a scaled down gray steel DMS structure. The kiosk was designed so that visitors could display messages on the DMS, manipulate the camera, and watch the vehicle detector count foot traffic. A contest was planned wherein visitors could create DMS messages that would be judged daily for prizes.

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